Battery Mode Battery Mode
Battery Mode

Battery Mode

Version 4.3.2 build 204

Replaces Windows default battery indicator to a more powerful and useful one.
It provides backlight control, easy power scheme selection, detailed battery information and a lot of handy features for customization.

Advanced Power Scheme Selection

Battery Mode allows you to change current power scheme right from the battery popup window.

  • Unlike the standard popup in Windows 7-8.1, Battery Mode provides a full list of power schemes available on your system.
  • You can setup a schedule to change power scheme automatically.

Comfortable Backlight Control

  • You can use Battery Mode to control backlight on both internal and external monitors.
    Note: External monitors should support I2C interface and DDC/CI standard to work.
  • Check the «Fixed screen brightness» option to prevent backlight level from changing when attaching power supply or changing power scheme.
  • Brightness icon near backlight slider allows you to enable or disable «Adaptive brightness» (if your device support it).

Hotkeys for Power Users

  • Battery Mode provides a customizable hotkey to change a power scheme without opening it's window.
  • You can use command-line parameters to switch power scheme or control backlight in you scripts.
    Type BatteryMode*.exe -? in command prompt to get help.
  • Command-line parameters documentation.

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