There are a number of ways to help us develop Battery Mode:

Fix an issue or develop a new feature

Battery Mode source code is available at GitHub, so everyone can participate in the development


Battery Mode is freeware and doesn't contain ads or malware.
Still, it would be great if you donate to the project.
The funds received will motive us to continue development.

Leave Feedback or Bugreport

We are doing our best to make Battery Mode useful and functional.
If you have found a bug or you have an suggestion, please, create an issue on GitHub or contact me via Feedback Form.

Tell Your Friends About Battery Mode

It would be great if you tell your friends about our program or mention it on social networks.

Help us with Localization or Icons

Battery Mode currently support English, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Hungarian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Ukrainian language.
If you have an opportunity to translate a program to another language or improve an existing translation, please, contact us.
Also you can commit you translation.

There are different icon sets in Battery Mode
If you want to create a new icon set, contact us for further instructions.

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